Customizing a truck with aftermarket wheels is an easy way to give it a unique look. A wide selection of styles and sizes are available for any taste, and installation is generally straightforward unless there is a significant change in diameter or width required. Aftermarket wheels provide a great way to stand out from the crowd and show off your individual style.

So here we prepared a list of the 15 best aftermarket truck wheels by different brands.

TOP-15 Aftermarket Truck Wheel Brands & Models

Truck Wheel Brands

Aftermarket Truck Wheels

Key Characteristics

Price Range

Anthem Off-Road


durability, off-road performance, available sizes, price




quality, proper directional design, off-road performance


Fuel Off-Road

Rebel 6

fitment and wheel type variety, off-road performance




off-road performance, design, variety


Vision Wheel


production quality, durability, versatile design


Ballistic Off-Road


available sizes, price, durability


Method Race Wheels


high-performance, design, price


Moto Metal


versatile designs, price, variety


Black Rhino Wheels


durability, off-road performance, versatile design


TIS Wheels


striking design, high quality, lightweight


American Racing

Outlaw ll

durability, protective finish, price


Pro Comp


price, durability, off-road performance


Mickey Thompson

Classic lll Wheel

price, production quality, durability




price, durability, off-road performance




strong structure, durability, aggressive design


Anthem Off-Road Wheels for Trucks

The Anthem Off-Road Rogue provides the ultimate in off-roading customizability thanks to its cutting-edge design, eight spokes with window cut-outs, a machined anthem logo on one spoke, and a customizable center cap logo. It also features a beadlock pattern lining the rim that makes it easy to set tire pressure levels for maximum traction and precision.

Since its founding in 2013, Anthem Off-Road has been committed to crafting wheels that are unique and durable. The Rogue boasts 8 spokes with cutouts, a debossed Anthem logo, and a removable center cap for customizing. It also features removable bolts that mimic beadlocks to protect against curbs, as well as increased depth and lip for the wheel. This model is available between 17-20 inch diameters and comes in several finishes—including gloss black, satin black, and bronze.



ARKON OFF-ROAD is a company that has made a name for itself in the off-road wheel industry. Their Proper Directional Design wheels are of the highest quality, offering luxury and durability to truck owners alike. They have four extremely popular models that perfectly complement most trucks, with sizes ranging from 16x8 up to 18x9. The unique designs on these wheels provide an eye-catching look and make sure your ride stands out from the crowd.

ARKON Mandela is a beautifully-crafted split-spoke wheel design with intricate milling along the edges for added detail. It features an outward curved "Y" shape, allowing for maximum lip size without any interruption between the back barrel and lip. Additionally, it has no rivets around its rim, which adds to its sophistication, while exposed lug nuts & single drilling make it ideal for displaying spiked lug nuts. Moreover, this Proper Directional wheel comes equipped with a sleek center cap, so there's no risk of your wheels reversing.

Fuel Off-Road Truck Wheels

Fuel Off-Road is a company focused on providing cutting-edge wheel designs that combine looks, function, and fitment variety. Their range of wheels for trucks includes 1-piece, 2-piece, forged, and dual wheels, each made with the off-road enthusiast in mind. Whether you're an avid off-roader or a weekend warrior, Fuel Off-Road has something to suit every need and budget. With innovative design features like their unique spoke patterns and concave face options, you can be sure any Fuel Off-Road wheel will have your vehicle looking its best.

The Fuel Rebel 6 is a sleek and sophisticated one-piece alloy wheel featuring exposed lugs. Whether you're building an off-roader, sports car, or sedan - the available diameters of 16 to 22 inches will help you find just the right fitment for your vehicle. Moreover, with its captivating matte black, bronze and gunmetal grey finishes, it's sure to make your ride stand out from all others on the streets.

Hostile Truck Wheels

Hostile Wheels are the epitome of aggressive off-road designs. Many have referred to their distinct style as “one-of-a-kind”, and their wheels are known for their extreme build quality that stands up to any challenge. In addition, Hostile Wheels are popular for show truck style builds, helping to customize your vehicle's look and become a head turner on the roads.

For Hostile, the name is synonymous with aggressive off-road performance. Their extensive lineup of wheels has been crafted to embrace individuality and passion, offering a wide variety of Forged and Cast builds for any truck, UTV, or SUV - from single rear wheel options to even dual configurations. To top it off, their Alpha and Sprocket models come with built-in beadlock patterning for easy inflation adjustment whenever you need extra grip.

Given the wide range of vehicles that Hostile wheels can be used for, they have become one of the most diverse wheel lineups in America. From 17 to 26-inch diameters, 9 to 16-inch widths and offsets between -101mm and +35mm - available at SD Wheel - there is sure to be something to fit every model or application, with plenty of sizes and finishes available.

Vision Truck Wheels

Vision Wheels has been providing extreme quality and timeless wheel designs with over 40 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry. They emphasize strength, endurance, and performance, offering wheels for off-road use, American muscle, street driving, and ATV/UTV needs.

Vision Wheels' Rocker model is renowned for its great looks and adaptable style. It features a single alloy wheel with a mesh design and exposed lug nuts, making it an excellent choice for many builds.

Despite the affordability of the wheels, Vision prioritizes durability without sacrificing quality. The Rocker model is available in sizes ranging from 18-25 inches in diameter, with finishes such as black, chrome, gloss black, and gray black.


Ballistic Off-Road Truck Wheels

Ballistic Off-Road is acclaimed for its robust wheels that can take on any terrain, crafted with an adventurous off-road design. They offer a wide array of finishes, sizes, and fitments so customers are able to find the perfect wheel for their vehicle. With an extensive background in the aftermarket wheel industry, Ballistic Off-Road is committed to providing quality products and excellent service.

Ballistic Off-Road is committed to crafting durable and attractive wheels that match your vehicle precisely while managing better than you could've imagined. Boasting a vast array of designs that showcase an assertive flair, Ballistic is the name you need to be familiar with if you want top-quality products.

Method Race Truck Wheels

Method Race is a popular brand in the race and street markets, focused on performance and off-road offerings. The company offers classic as well as versatile wheel designs, all made with top-of-the-line quality manufacturing processes for long-lasting durability and reliability.

Since 2010, Method Race Wheels has been at the forefront of high-performance wheel technology for race and street applications. With a simulated beadlock giving it a tough feel, this wheel was designed to excel in challenging environments while also looking good rolling down the streets. It features a multi-spoke design combined with a shallow lip for added strength and exposed lug nuts to provide an eye-catching finish. Stylish and resilient, this one-piece alloy wheel is available in various finishes to choose from.

Method Race Wheels is known for its bold and aggressive style but also provides more classic designs that suit a wide variety of vehicles. The company takes pride in its pursuit of excellence and has rigorous standards for testing and manufacturing processes to ensure quality products.

Moto Metal Truck Wheels

Moto Metal is a leader in the aftermarket wheel industry, driven by a passion for providing superior quality products. With aggressive and classic designs that draw inspiration from motocross and dirt racing, they foster a strong community of loyal followers who identify with the company's values. Whether you are looking for something bold & daring or something more polished & refined, Moto Metal has something for everyone.

The MO970 by Moto Metal is the perfect statement piece for your vehicle. This 8-spoke, one-piece, alloy wheel with covered lug nuts and a stylized center cap offers an array of finishes and size options ranging from 16 to 24 inches that accommodate either outdoor or show builds. Not only does it look good, but it has been recognized for its strength and durability that comes with the Moto Metal name. This modern and rugged design will give your truck an unbeatable aggressive look.

Black Rhino Truck Wheels

When it comes down to it, Black Rhino wheels are an excellent choice for truck owners. They offer proper fitment, badass finish options, lightweight construction and long-term durability that make them the perfect set of wheels for any vehicle. Not only does Black Rhino Wheels boast an attractive design, but it also offers superior performance with its robust and dependable structure. Whether you are constructing a vehicle for the outdoors or a show car, there is something here to satisfy everyone's needs.

Black Rhino has launched a range of UTV wheels to meet the demands of off-road drivers. With their knowledge in developing high-quality truck accessories, Black Rhino has crafted these robust and dependable wheels with individual styling for all kinds of wheel requirements. Forged from light yet sturdy materials, these perfect wheels are ideal for tackling extreme terrain and conditions.

For an instant, dramatic boost in your vehicle's look, Black Rhino Wheels is the way to go! With a wide selection of sizes and styles plus custom finishes - from subtle to outrageous – you'll easily find something that speaks directly to your personal style. Their impressive lineup of unique wheel designs will bring out the best in any car or truck while being sure to turn heads wherever you drive.

TIS Wheels Truck Wheels

Step into luxury with TIS Wheels! Boasting precision craftsmanship and formidable construction, these wheels are designed to captivate attention on the show-style vehicle of your choice. With a multitude of sizes and styles at your disposal, you can easily enhance any automobile's appearance. What is more impressive is that TIS Wheels provide exceptional strength without compromising its lightweight design - truly combining durability with appeal in one aesthetically pleasing package.

The TIS 544BM wheel is the ideal choice for those who want to make a powerful statement with their vehicle. Its 8-spoke design and glossy black finish add unique character that will surely draw attention from other off-road or show vehicles. With many years of experience in producing luxurious wheels, TIS Wheels are now widely renowned as the top wheel manufacturer in the market today. This one-piece alloy forged wheel guarantees unprecedented durability while still being lightweight - perfect for daily use and shows alike! Make sure you don't miss out on this stylish yet resilient piece of machinery.

American Racing Truck Wheels

American Racing Outlaw ll wheels offer a modern and clean style and are perfect for any vehicle. Constructed from lightweight, strong one-piece alloy, they come in an array of diameters and widths to fit your truck with the right bolt patterns. The sleek satin black or machined finish comes with clear coat protection and is accompanied by a lifetime structural warranty and one-year finish protection. The iconic American Racing logo adorns the center cap, providing that extra touch of style.

American Racing offers a wide selection of wheels to fit the needs of truck and SUV drivers, with the ATX Series featuring bold and aggressive designs, the Vintage series boasting Chrome-finished wheels reminiscent of times past, and the Modern series offering futuristic designs crafted with space-age materials. Whether you're looking for an Alloy or Rotary Forge wheel, American Racing has something to meet your individual style needs. A lifetime structural warranty covers every wheel for your peace of mind.


Pro Comp Truck Wheels

Make a bold statement with Pro Comp 31 Series Stryker wheels. These lightweight alloy wheels are designed to give your truck or SUV the style you crave and come in matte black, chrome, or polished finishes so that you can personalize it however you like! Plus – their construction is built specifically for brake and suspension components clearance - meaning these sleek rims will upgrade both looks and performance of your ride.

Pro Comp 31 Series Stryker wheels are designed with low-pressure casting, assuring superior strength and longevity. Plus, a vast selection of sizes and bolt patterns make it simple to find the perfect wheel for virtually any truck you own! With this reliable performance and versatility, your search is sure to end with Pro Comp 31 Series Stryker Wheels.

When you need truck wheels that are up to the challenge, Pro Comp has your back. Crafted with a lightweight alloy and an advanced low-pressure casting process for unbeatable strength, these wheels will take on even the toughest of terrains with ease. With unparalleled durability, these powerful truck wheels offer unrivaled performance in any situation.

Pro Comp truck wheels are the ideal solution for any off-road escapade, providing adequate clearance from brake and suspension components. Coming in various sizes and bolt patterns, these all-terrain rims provide an optimal experience for those who venture through rocks or sand.

Mickey Thompson Truck Wheels

The iconic Mickey Thompson Classic lll aluminum wheels are designed to never go out of style, boasting a traditional eight-hole design that's perfect for any vehicle. With a polished or satin black finish, these lightweight and strong wheels come in 15-, 16- and 17-inch sizes with a variety of bolt patterns. Better yet, they come complete with a corrosion-resistant screw-on center cap and carry a lifetime warranty against structural defects and a one-year finish warranty – making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for long-term stability on the toughest roads.

Mickey Thompson wheels are designed to deliver top performance for Jeeps and trucks and handle off-road challenges with ease. Featuring a variety of finishes like gloss black, two-stage matte black, and polished aluminum, they offer both style and durability – perfect for any journey off the beaten path. With these wheels, you know they can withstand whatever terrain comes their way.

Ultra Truck Wheels

Are you looking for the perfect aftermarket wheel to give your car or truck a unique and durable look? Look no further than Ultra's Hunter! With timeless 8-spoke mesh detailing and exposed lug nuts, these one-piece alloy wheels come in three gorgeous finishes – black, black milled, and chrome. Available in sizes ranging from 17 to 24 inches – they are guaranteed to make your ride both stylish AND tough enough for any off-road adventure.

Ultra is renowned for its superior Motorsports wheels: the Scorpion, Hunter, and Patriot. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also designed with strong construction to ensure a steady ride on any terrain you may encounter.

Ultra has thoughtfully crafted a strong line of models tailored to Vans, SUVs, and Dually trucks. Manufactured with the most reliable aluminum alloy for strength and endurance, select from the Warmonger, Nemesis or Phantom to find your car's ideal fit.

Hardrock Truck Wheels

The Hardrock Crusher stands apart from the rest of the brand's lineup with its striking directional style and one-piece alloy design, which features multi-spoke detailing along with rivets around the lip. Boasting a glossy black or gloss black milled spoke windows option in 20 inches diameter and 9-12 inch widths as well as -44, -19, and 0 mm offset. This wheel offers an unparalleled level of detail that will captivate onlookers.

When you need a dependable, powerful ride, no matter the terrain, Hardrock is your go-to choice. Their H100, H500 and H700 series of aluminum alloy wheels offer unbeatable durability and an exceptional driving experience. For those wanting to make their car stand out from the crowd with unbeatable style? Look no further than Hardrock's Famous Forged lineup - renowned for its sophistication.

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