There are a number of unaware buyers who tend to get confused when they browse for tires. Normally, their budget becomes the number one consideration when going for the winter or the all-season tires. Is this the right approach?

When you have to drive in harsh winter-time weather circumstances, a set of dedicated snow tires can give you the top performance and safety, but if you can afford to buy a single set of tires for your vehicle throughout the year, then the only solution for you is the all-season tires.

These all-season tires happen to be the most popular ones in the market, and the reason is quite simple, no car driver would like to pay for the summer and winter tires separately when they have the option of buying all-season tires. There was a time when these tires were not up to the task, especially when driving in winter, but with each year, these tires were becoming better. Therefore, the all-season tires for snow and ice are able to deliver you real winter-time traction.

Why should we buy all-season tires for snow?

Out of a wide variety of all-season tires, the best ones for snow drive are purpose-built with design features and technologies that help them to work in an optimal manner on snow. These tires happen to provide traction that allows the vehicle to keep itself on the road and give it enough braking ability and acceleration that can avoid accidents. That is why the all-season tires for snow can be a worthy investment.

The choice of tires that you will be equipping your vehicle with depends on how frequently you would be spending time changing the tires. As you have to go through the hassle of changing tires before the arrival of the winter season each year. This can be one of the biggest reasons for you to purchase all-season tires so that you can ride out the year.

List of best all-season tires for snow

  • Goodyear Assurance All-Season

Assurance All-Season was launched by Goodyear to provide all-year-round traction for drivers of sedans, minivans, crossovers as well as compact cars. Goodyear as a company has been able to gain success when it is about the snowy surfaces. This particular tire by Goodyear is able to work very well in the winter. This is also a relatively inexpensive passenger tire.

Although you may not be expecting it to give the performance of a winter tire, Assurance tends to work very well for an all-season design and compound. This tire offers sufficient traction, while the braking distances are not that long. Over the ice, this tire may suffer a bit, but the majority of all-season tires are almost the same in this regard.

The best thing about Assurance All-Season tire is that it can better handle the rainy conditions, which is not surprising since it comes from Goodyear company. The performance of the tire is great in the rain and displays superb hydroplaning resistance.

The dry roads are handled great by this tire, even when the weather is freezing cold. The braking distances tend to be much shorter, and in all the conditions, handling feels quite stable.

When it comes to treadwear warranty, Assurance offers a warranty of around 65,000 miles which are shorter than the majority of its rivals. In the end, Assurance All-Season is a very quiet and smooth tire in almost every road condition.

  • Michelin Defender T+H

When it is about performance in different weather conditions, the Michelin tire is always the safest option, and its Defender T+H is among the best examples of such tires. The tires have zigzag sipes thanks to the IntelliSipe Technology that tends to interlock beneath the surface. This particular tire offers ample grip and traction to the driver in light snow and even on wet surfaces.

Although it is a touring tire, it has extraordinary responsiveness, which makes it the best tire that offers high-speed stability. Michelin Defender T+H is also found to be very comfortable and quiet over bumps.

The Defender comes with an outstanding treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles, and in its class, it surely gives you one of the best results. When we talk about its price, it is relatively higher than the majority of its competitors in the touring category, but Defender T+H performs much better than the other brands.

  • Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

At present, Turanza QuietTrack by Bridgestone is considered to be among the favorite grand-touring tires for the majority of drivers, especially when it is about cruising at long distances. Turanza comes with ComfortCruise technology and is, therefore, one of the quietest of the models in this particular category. No wonder it also gives you the top ride quality.

Despite offering you excellent comfort, Turanza is still able to give a superb performance when on the road. Its grip and traction are the best in its class, whereas its responsiveness is top-notch. Even on the wet pavement, this tire is able to work very well, and for the light snow driving, it puts its rivals to shame.

With a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles, QuietTrack offers the longest one as compared to any ground-touring tire, which makes it a great choice. Although the price is considered to be one of the highest in this category, it is not a coincidence because QuietTrack has proved that it is the best all-season tire available.

  • Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

The Assurance WeatherReady by Goodyear resembles the TripleTread All-Season tire by the same company. Although this particular tire is marketed as an all-weather tire by Goodyear still, all in all, this tire still belongs to the all-season category. When we compare it to the other all-season tires, it offers you a much better grip and snow traction than others.

Assurance WeatherReady is almost at the level of the winter tires since provides strong braking in the snow. Some of the normal all-season tires are losing their grip when the weather is becoming warmer, but this tire by Goodyear is extremely safe for normal day-to-day driving, especially when it is raining.

One might experience a very low noise level when driving with Goodyear Assurance, as the majority of all-weather tires are not able to offer quietness. Its 60,000 miles treadwear warranty is considered to be the real downside, but this only happens when you compare it with other normal all-season tires.

  • Vredestein Quatrac 5

Known for the excellent performance and design on a budget, Vredestein is quite a popular Dutch tire manufacturer. Qatrac 5 by Vredestein is known to be an all-weather tire that offers top-notch grip and snow traction as compared to normal all-season tires. The tire also comes with a 3PMSF symbol and is one of the tires that can be compared with a proper winter tire, especially when it is about snow performance, and this makes it pretty amazing.

In normal weather conditions, Quatrac is considered to be reliable and responsive, with great traction and grip. However, its premium competitors have much better braking than Quatrac 5, although not by a huge margin.

The comfort level of this tire by Vredestein is very good, whereas the ride quality is excellent. On Quatrac 5, Vredestein offers a treadwear warranty of 45,000 miles which is lower than other brands, but when we look at its price, it becomes a lot more bearable.

  • Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

This is a top-notch tire by Bridgestone and has become the best choice among the owners of crossovers and SUVs because it offers a very safe and reliable driving experience all the year. Its responsiveness can be slightly worse compared to other top brands which might be the only downside. Other than that, this tire is of superb quality, and it can be impossible to find any big disadvantages in it.

The driver of the Dueler can enjoy excellent traction, great high-speed stability, strong braking as well as a very strong road grip. This tire has a top-notch hydroplaning resistance and is able to perform great when the conditions are rainy.

For an all-season tire, Dueler H/L Alenza Plus offers incredible light snow traction, whereas the quietness and the quality of ride are also the best as far as this particular category is concerned. This tire is surely the winner when we compare it to the rivals because it offers you a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles which is great for any driver.


Tires can have a big impact on your driving experience and can be a much more important investment than you realize. The all-season tires for snow and ice can be a great choice for a very simple reason: cheap tires can never be safe, especially on snow or wet pavement. The major difference between the premium and cheap tires is as simple as avoiding a crash or making it. Therefore, if you opt for a safe and reliable driving experience in winter, you should be going for snow tires from well-known and reputable manufacturers.

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