If we take a closer look at modern technology, most vehicles are already equipped with sensors that can monitor and display tire pressure in real-time. Such features are commonly included in the latest Electric and environment-friendly (ECO) cars.

But still, the world needs to go a long way before environmentally friendly cars will make up a considerable proportion of the automobile industry. For now, most of the vehicles that we all see running on the roads are fuel-powered, and the majority of them don’t have tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). That is why some external tire pressure monitoring system is needed to fill this feature gap.

Here is a list of some of the best tire pressure monitoring systems you can get easily on the market.

Vesafe Wireless TPMS

For years now, Vesafe has been manufacturing car-friendly products that allow the car owner to upgrade their car with amazing new features. The Vesafe Wireless TPMS is also one of such amazing gadgets.

The first thing to be noticed, this TPMS is completely wireless. The whole gadget setup comes with a monitoring tool of a small remote and four TPMS sensors, one for each tire. The monitoring unit can be attached to the cigarette lighter inlet directly in the dashboard.

This direct integration of the gadget within the car's body allows the sensor to directly transmit data to the monitor through a single channel. As a result, the real-time results displayed by the TPMS are the most accurate in every sense.

Besides this, many great features make the Vesafe Wireless TPMS one of the best tire pressure monitoring systems that are also wireless. One of these features is also the device's overall weight, which is around 0.9 grams in total.


We have gathered some of the best tire pressure monitoring systems for you to look at. But one thing is clear, of all these amazing TPMSs, the SHOWAY TPMS is the one that offers a complete in-built package of added features and diversity.

Most of us, the TPMS users, especially the wireless TPMS users, always complain about one thing. As wireless TPMSs like the SHOWAY TPMS are connected with the cigarette lighter inlet, there’s no option of connecting the mobile charger left. You can’t even click some portable charger as the connecting dock is always taken.

So, to prevent this issue from happening, SHOWAY decided to innovate. Along with a backlit monitor displaying the real-time readings, the SHOWAY TPMS comes with multiple USB and portable charger ports as well. What is more amazing is that the LCD-based display also calculates and displays real-time temperature readings as well, in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The sensor units of the TPMS are quite classy and easy to install as well. Powered by the traditional CR1632 batteries, the sensors are resistant to major climate and terrain changes.


Among many of the best tire pressure monitoring systems, there are not many TPMSs that are solar power operated. And the reason behind this is pretty obvious. A couple of rainy or cloudy days and your system will be good as dead. But that’s exactly the point engineers focused on while manufacturing the Vesafe Solar power TPMS.

These Vesafe guys believe in innovation more than anyone in this business. That’s why their manufactured gadgets are always packed with features that no one has seen before—for Instance, the Vesafe Solar power TPMS. Unlike most solar-powered TPMS systems, this TPMS doesn’t rely solely on harvesting power from the sun.

The Vesafe Solar Power TPMS comes with a USB and a cigarette inlet plug-in port as well, just in case the sun decides to hide behind the clouds for a few days. But this doesn’t mean that the solar panel-based system is weak. It can work more than perfectly as long as there’s a little sun out there.

The tire sensors included within the setup are durable and secure as well. The sensors come with an anti-theft feature to prevent anyone who decides to take more than enough interest.


Talking about the best tire pressure monitoring systems, especially the solar-powered ones, the ZEEPIN solar power TPMS is surely a keeper. The pressure monitoring unit comes with an impressive 500mAh lithium-ion-based battery. This allows the TPMS to store a considerable amount of solar energy for future use.

To keep things on the safe side, the TPMS has a USB charging port as well. This allows the system to show real-time readings even if the solar power is not enough.

The overall build quality and features of the sensors are above and beyond normal. All four sensors are equipped with anti-corrosion, anti-theft, and water repellent technology. This allows the sensor to remain intact and in perfect working condition, no matter what kind of terrain or weather is waiting for your car out there.

The pressure readings can be displayed on the LCD screen within BAR or PSI readings ranging from 0-5 for BAR and 0-72 for PSI scale. And keeping its traditions alive that secured the company a place among the best tire pressure monitoring systems, ZEEPIN offers an official 180 days exchange warranty on the sensors.

B-Qtech TPMS

It is great to have a TPMS system that is loaded with features. Some of us may also prefer such a TPMS. But in reality, the list of best tire pressure monitoring systems includes only those TPMS which have genuinely useful and driver-friendly features.

The B-Qtech TPMS is one of the TPMSs with the most classy and minimalistic design among the whole TPMS manufacturing industry. The monitoring unit is directly attached to the cigarette lighter inlet. The charging voltage ranges around 1.5 A for this unit.

The LCD screen displays the real-time pressure data up to 50.75 PSI along with temperature readings on Celsius/Fahrenheit scale. Also, the TPMS real-time monitoring unit has both audio and visual warning patterns. These patterns generally become active when there is a drastic drop or rise in one of the readings.

The TPMS sensors are the same that are used by most TPMS systems today. The sensors are powered with a replaceable CR1632 battery each. All the sensors are dust-proof, water-proof, and anti-theft as well. If you’re thinking about using this TPMS for trailers or long vehicles, the broad range of sensors is about 19 feet.

Things to consider before choosing a TPMS

Power inlet of the TPMS

Considering the number of power inlets, a TPMS is quite important for many reasons. Today, most of the TPMS is wireless. In other words, the TPMS is attached to the cigarette lighter charger inlet of the car. As a result, a person having such TPMS can’t use a travel charger for his mobile and other gadgets.

That’s why most of the best tire pressure monitoring systems come with more than one power inlet. This allows the unit to switch to another power source when the user needs to charge his/her mobile or some other gadget.

Manufacturer’s warranty

No matter what best tire pressure monitoring system you have got for your car, always try to choose a manufacturer who offers maximum exchange or return warranty on their products. Most of us might find it strange, but there’s a solid reason behind it.

When we talk about gadgets powered up by the car’s battery, there’s always a chance of devices getting damaged no matter what as the power generated by the vehicle is not uniform like the one we enjoy back at home. Car gadgets are specifically designed to cope with power fluctuations as much as possible.

Sensor Dynamics

In a car TPMS, sensors are as important as the real-time monitoring unit. In some cases, the sensors become more important than the remaining unit. Generally, a single sensor is attached to every tire of the car in a specific orientation. The sensor transmits data like pressure readings and temperature directly back to the monitoring unit.

That’s why, most of the best tire pressure monitoring systems use sensors powered up by a CR1632 replaceable battery and include a feature like water resistance, anti-theft, and anti-corrosion.

TPMS Range

In simple words, the range of the TPMS means the total maximum distance between the monitoring unit and individual tire sensor through which real-time data can be transmitted. As the range of the majority of the TPMS sensors can’t be the same, majority of the best tire pressure monitoring systems have more than one variant of a single TPSM unit for different car models.

Let’s say you get a TPSM designed specifically for a hatchback. This means that the sensors of the TPSM will only operate within a range that’s defined according to the average length of a hatchback. That’s why you can’t use these sensors for a sedan or a trailer.

What do we recommend?

Without a doubt, technology has played a vital role in revolutionizing TPSM manufacturing. There are many units that are packed with impressive features.

To help you make the right choice, our experts are further shortlisting the TPSMs for you. According to our expert opinion, the Vesafe Wireless TPMS and the SHOWAY TPMS are the two best tire pressure monitoring systems in functionality, maintenance, cost, and overall performance. But you are free to choose from any of the units mentioned above as well.

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