If you are looking for a way to make your vehicle stand out, aftermarket wheels may be the perfect solution. But it is essential to choose wisely when selecting an online retailer so that you can be sure of quality products and services. We've done our research, and here are some of the highest-rated retailers who offer excellent aftermarket wheels based on their performance and customer reviews:

  1. TireRack
  2. Belle Tire
  3. Discount Tires
  4. Wheel Hero
  5. Wheel Max
  6. Custom Offsets
  7. Car iD
  8. Wheel Pros
  9. Fitment Industries
  10. Trail Built

If you're seeking a fresh, updated look or just need an upgrade from your stock wheels, this selection of online retailers is the perfect place to start. With such an extensive range of aftermarket wheels available, surely you'll find something that fits both your style and needs.


Where to Buy Aftermarket Wheels Online

Shopping for wheels and rims online can be a tricky endeavor. It is important to do research and make sure the tire shop you are purchasing from has a good reputation and provides quality products. Our list has the top online tire and wheel retailers, taking into account reviews, years in business, customer service, shipping details, selection of tires and wheels available, and availability of payment options.


Tire Rack has been a leading online tire retailer for 40 years, having recently been acquired by Discount Tires. They offer free shipping over $50, plus free 2-year road hazard assistance and an extensive catalog of 26 tire brands and 60 wheel brands. Their selection makes it easy to find the perfect combination of tires and wheels for your car or truck.

Tire Rack boasts an immense inventory of 2.7 million square feet of distribution center space across the United States, with an incredible selection of 26 major tire and 60 wheel brands. In most cases, orders can be dispatched by the following day, providing you with a fast and convenient way to purchase tires or wheels.

Belle Tire

Sam Waze had the vision to create a business that honored his beloved wife, Belle. Thus he established Belle Tire in 1922 on Grand River Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. The legacy of Sam and Belle's dedication was passed down when their son Herb stepped into his father's shoes and continued the family tradition.

Belle Tire has chosen the perfect selection of wheel rims that will give your vehicle a unique and stylish look. Whether you prefer classic black or eye-catching chrome, Belle Tire's range includes an array of sizes and finishes to customize the aesthetics of your ride. What's more, they provide top-notch quality products crafted with advanced sealing technology for long-lasting protection against corrosion damage caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions.

At Belle Tire, you can choose from an array of modern styles and sizes to discover the optimal wheel rims for your car. To add ease to your purchase experience, they added their Wheel Visualizer so that you could preview different tires and wheels on your vehicle before making a commitment.

Discount Tires

With a vision of treating customers fairly and ethically, Bruce T. Hale founded Discount Tires in 1960 with just one store located in Ann Arbor, Michigan stocked with six tires. Over the years, his tire business flourished due to his unwavering commitment to providing quality customer service and doing what is right for all involved.

As the largest national tire and wheel retailer, Discount Tires boasts a presence in 35 states with over 1,000 stores. After acquiring Tire Rack, customers now have even more choices for wheels and tire packages. Not only that but no matter where you are located - be it near one of their many locations or across the country - you can still get top-notch service with either an in-store visit or have your purchase shipped directly to your door preassembled and finely balanced.

Discount Tire is your go-to destination for the perfect tire and wheel combo. With an expansive selection of 57 different types of tires, as well as 75 brands of rims available to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Plus, their prebuilt packages are amazing value for money - not only that, but financing options can make it even more affordable too.


Wheel Hero

Wheel Hero is a leader in the tire and wheel industry, providing customers with the best quality products and services. Founded in 1992 and headquartered out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Wheel Hero has since grown to an impressive 50,000 sq. ft. facility that enables them to distribute and ship their products all over the country. With an experienced team of professionals, Wheel Hero ensures that their customers always get top-notch service and satisfaction.

Wheel Hero is no stranger to innovation, having launched their online retail store in 2013 to reach a larger customer base. With an ever-expanding selection of both tire and wheel brands, Wheel Hero now carries 35 tire brands and 75 wheel brands on their website. Each product is carefully chosen with the highest quality materials in mind and designed to fit a variety of vehicle makes and models. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find the best solution for your needs, whether it’s for leisure or performance driving.

Wheel Hero is committed to providing the best customer experience with their products and services. With fast and free shipping in as little as 72 hours, a fitment guarantee, easy returns, and financing options available, Wheel Hero has everything you need for your next tire or wheel purchase. Additionally, their experienced staff is always ready to help answer any questions or concerns customers may have about product selection and installation.

Wheel Max

Wheel Max is a fresh face in the wheel and tire industry. In just seven short years, they have become the largest mail-order retailer of wheels and tires. Operating out of Florida since its start, Wheel Max has built an impressive reputation for their quality products, customer service, and competitive prices.

Wheel Max has something for everyone with their extensive selection of 87 rim brands and 41 tire brands. Similarly to Tire Rack, they offer free shipping on orders to the lower 48 states, making it much easier for customers to access their products. It's not hard to see why Wheel Max is quickly becoming one of the most popular wheel and tire retailers.

Wheel Max stands out from the competition by providing a compatibility guarantee for every order. You can have peace of mind knowing that if your wheels don't fit, you'll either receive a refund or exchange – the choice is entirely up to Wheel Max. This kind of customer satisfaction is just one reason why Wheel Max has earned its impressive reputation over the past seven years.

Wheel Max has you covered with their 6-month road hazard warranty. This warranty ensures that any damage caused to your wheels due to normal road hazards will be taken care of for up to six months after your purchase. This provides an extra level of protection for those looking for peace of mind when it comes to their wheel and tire package purchases.

Custom Offsets

Established in 2013, Custom Offsets is located in Appleton, Wisconsin and has a mission to provide the highest quality aftermarket truck wheels, tires and suspension lift kits. Furthermore, its excellent customer service along with countless customizable options, make it one of the leading companies for custom truck parts today! To top off this all-inclusive experience, they also have an informative Youtube channel going through some of their best products out there. With Custom Offsets, you will be sure to get what you’re looking for when building your dream ride.

If you're in the market for aftermarket truck wheels, tires, and suspension lift kits, Custom Offset is a one-stop shop. With an expansive selection of 90 unique brands of wheels, 56 tires included with free delivery throughout the lower 48 states--and TPS sensors mounted and balanced at no additional cost--you can find what you need without breaking the bank. Plus 0% financing options are available to ensure that getting exactly what you want doesn't have to be expensive. They also have a knowledgeable support team that will help you select the perfect wheels, whether it's for off-roading, mudding or crawling.

Car iD

Car iD is an online store dedicated to providing the highest quality automotive replacement and aftermarket parts. Founded in 2008 by Steven Royzenshteyn in Cranbury, NJ, Car iD stocks OEM parts for all types of vehicles and styles, as well as an extensive catalog of aftermarket additions. With competitive prices, fast shipping and friendly customer service reps just a phone call away, Car iD is a one-stop shop for car enthusiasts looking to make repairs or upgrades to their vehicles.

Car iD is the go-to destination for those seeking quality wheels and tires. Boasting an impressive selection, Car iD offers free shipping, TPM sensors, balancing weights, mounting and balancing and an installation kit with most purchases. With a large but uncounted inventory selection, Car iD ensures customers get exactly what they need for their vehicles.

Wheel Pros

Wheel Pros is the premier wheel and tire retailer, owning some of the biggest names in the rim industry. American Racing, Black Rhino, Foose, Fuel, KMC, Niche, Moto Metal, Rotiform, and XD are all part of their impressive portfolio. With a vast selection that caters to any vehicle type or needs, Wheel Pros is the go-to choice for quality rims and wheels.

Wheel Pros has been providing quality wheels and tires since 1996 when they first opened two warehouses in Denver and Dallas. Over the years, they have continued to grow to become one of the leading suppliers of rims and wheels today. Their portfolio includes some of the top names in the industry, such as MotoMetal, KMC Wheels, American Racing and Asanti, offering plenty of options for every taste. Whatever your style may be, Wheel Pros has you covered.

If you're looking for a tire and wheel package, Wheel Pros is here to help. They don't sell packages online, but they can connect you with a local dealer who will assist you in finding the right rim and tire for your needs. Furthermore, they'll also put you in touch with a tire shop so that you can get pricing, labor, and installation services. With their help, you'll be sure to find the perfect setup for your vehicle.


Fitment Industries

Fitment Industries is the go-to place to get custom aftermarket wheels for sports cars, tuners, muscle cars, and exotics. With an impressive selection of over 200 wheel brands, 64 tire brands and 21 suspension brands, you're sure to find what you need. Whether you want a bold new look or need specific requirements for your build, Fitment Industries has it all. Their comprehensive catalog ensures that everyone can find the perfect combination to suit their tastes and needs.

Getting a wheel package with Custom Offset is an easy and hassle-free experience. They ship for free and every package comes pre-mounted and balanced, along with free TPS sensors. That means no extra trips to the auto shop or paying extra for installation - it arrives at your door ready to be installed! Plus, you can take advantage of their 0% financing offer through Affirm Financing, which enables flexible payments and is simple to apply for online.

Trail Built

Trail Built is the perfect destination for off-road enthusiasts. They specialize in selling aftermarket wheels with beadlocks, forged milled wheels, and tires for mudding, crawling and desert running. As part of the Custom Offset family, Trail Built provides a range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of hardcore off-roaders. With these products, you can conquer any terrain with confidence.

Trail Built offers an incredible selection of top brands and products when it comes to off-roading. Choose from a wide range of wheel, suspension, and tire brands, with 39, 19, and 38 choices, respectively. And that’s not all - Trail Built also provides free mounting, balancing, and shipping to get you on the trail quickly and easily. Plus, you can finance your purchase at 0% through Affirm Financing for added convenience.

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