15x6.0 wheels tire size

Wondering to know what is the best tire size for 15x6.0 rims? Many car owners face this tire sizing issue when it comes to finding the right tire size for 15x6.0 rims while the reverse may be also true. Autotk.com is here to help you explore the correct tire size for 15x6.0 rims comparing factory vs custom setups as some people want to play it on the safe side while car tuners love to mount aftermarket rollers.

Possible tire sizes for a 15x6.0 rim

Tire size Recom. width Projects
P 195/65 R15 205/40 R15 1
P 195/65 R15 5.5 - 7.0" 1
P 205/50 R15 205/50 R15 1
P 225/45 R15 7.0 - 8.5" 1