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The lug nut size is one of those aspects that make a big difference for the car because it can determine how the car will be able to move. There are different types of lug nuts, and each one has a specific purpose. And how can drivers know which option is right for them and their vehicle? Read further and you will become a specialist in lug nut sizes, wheel fasteners, thread pitches, and other stuff.

What are the different sizes?

When a driver looks for a new set of lug nuts, they will come across different designs and sizes. So, the common lug nut sizes are often 17 mm, 19 mm, and 21 mm, while less popular ones tend to be 22 mm, 23 mm, 17.5mm, or 20.6 mm. In most cases, such vehicle types as sedans and small pickups use 17 mm nuts, while larger vehicles like SUVs go for 19 or 21 mm ones.

Note, that if the lug nut size would be more than needed, your vehicle might have some serious problems. The lug nuts that are too big will be difficult to torque to the car’s specifications, and this can cause them to loosen over time. Also, if the lug nuts are way too small, they might not provide enough gripping power and shear off under load, which can be extremely dangerous.

Finally, when speaking of thread size, you should know that for a certain bolt pattern, there would be a special thread size and pitch. Thus, common threads per inch (TPI) sizes are as follows: 4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 ,11 ,12 ,13 ,14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, 56, 72, and even 80. So, drivers should know which one fits right for their auto, as it all affects the riding.

What figures to pay attention to?

When selecting the right size of lug nuts & bolts, drivers may find out some additional information like center bore (or hub bore) specifications and wheel torque characteristics. But do you really need them or do vendors simply want to confuse you? Well, all these specs are really important, cause as we mentioned above, only a certain wheel size will match peculiar center bore and wheel torque parameters.

Inter alia, in case the hub collar's diameter is greater than the hub bore, it will be impossible to install the new wheels. And if vice versa, fitting it will be difficult because there will be unwanted diameter variances.

As for wheel torque and fasteners, only certain torque specs will ensure safety while driving. That is why you need to be attentive and use all the necessary measures to get perfect lug nuts & bolts!


Don`t be afraid of all those numbers and terms, everything is simple! You just need to know the size of your lug nuts and bolts, and that is it. With our tables, you will easily find out what product will perfectly go with your personal vehicle!

Lug nuts terminology and definitions

What is thread pitch?

Thread pitch is the measure of how many threads are on a screw or bolt. It's an important concept when you're trying to find the right size of lug nuts or bolts for your car. If you have a metric thread pitch, it's relatively easy to find the right size. All you need to do is measure the distance between two adjacent threads and compare it to a chart.

How important are wheel fasteners?

They can be either wheel bolts that thread into hubs or a combination of hub-mounted studs and removable nuts. Usually, wheel fasteners determine how your vehicle handles on the road. If they're too loose, your car will wobble. If they're too tight, your car will shake. Either way, it's not a pleasant ride.

Do hub-centric rings have to be exact?

Make sure that the spacers you use fit perfectly with the wheel center bore and wheel hub. This will ensure that they are the correct size and will not cause any problems. You can do this by using spacers that are the same size as the bore and hub, or by using hub-centric rings to make up for any difference in size.

How much does it cost to have lug nuts replaced?

The average cost for wheel lug stud replacement is between $68 and $84. Labor costs are estimated between $58 and $73 while parts are priced at $10. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

Can you drive a car with a missing lug nut?

It is potentially dangerous to drive around with a missing lug nut because of the extra pressure exerted on the wheel. This pressure can damage the wheel bearings, studs, and cause other lug nuts to fall off. These problems can lead to a wheel falling off.

Do all lug nuts fit any car?

The particular size and model of lug nuts needed depends on the car model and the axle it uses. The correct lug nut seat depends on the wheel itself. Conical/tapered lug nuts are most common, but ball/radius and flat-seat lugs are also in common use.

How often should you change lug nuts?

When should you change them? Depending on the type of vehicle it is and the age, the lug nuts may need to be replaced anywhere between five and 15 years. The cost of lug nuts or lug bolts can range from $2 to $7 or $8 a piece on most vehicles.

What would cause lug nuts to fall off?

Where fasteners are to blame, several factors can cause nuts to work loose. Excess paint, rust, scale or dirt between mating areas of wheel end components will lead to low clamping force.

Will loose lug nuts cause noise?

Left untightened, loose nuts can cause noises, vibrations, damage to brakes and axles, and even result in a wheel leaving the car, causing an accident.

What happens if lug nuts are loose?

Wheel nuts work their way loose gradually and it causes wear on the wheel as it vibrates against the thread on the bolt. The wheel has rubbed against the loose nut and this has gouged a circle in the wheel, plus widened the hole.

How do I know my lug nut size?

You can easily identify your thread size and pitch with a simple thread pitch gauge available at any hardware store, or you can simply take one of your lug nuts to your local hardware store and spin it onto the bolts they have on hand. Also you can check our database.

Do all lug nuts fit the same?

There are actually a variety of different lug nuts and lug bolts out there. Each of the eight different types have their own distinguishing features.

Can you sue for loose lug nuts?

If you figured in a car accident because of loose wheel nuts after you have taken it to the car dealership for maintenance, there is a chance that you can recoup the cost of damages by using the car dealership.

What do you do with a broken lug nut?

  • Soak the nut and stud with penetrating oil like WD-40.
  • Hammer the nut extractor socket down tightly.
  • Attach the drive breaker bar to the nut extractor socket.
  • Turn the drive breaker bar until the lug nut is free.

Are lug nuts universal?

Most lug nuts have a hex nut shape that will fit regular sockets you can find in most toolsets. Others have a spline-like shape that requires a special key.

How tight should lug nuts be?

The general rule for steel wheel lug nut torque is usually around 80ft/lb, and for aluminum wheels it is around 100ft/lb, this being said you still need to check on the manufacturer's specifications. Drive safe and secure, get your wheels checked.

Can I drive with 2 lug nuts?

Our advice is that this is very dangerous and the car should not be driven with only 2 lug nuts. If any of the remaining two were to also snap, this would cause catastrophic damage and potentially a dangerous car accident.

How long can you drive without one lugnut?

You can safely drive at legal speeds with a missing lug nut; however, you should head to your nearest tire shop as soon as possible. Over time, this excess pressure can wear down the other lug nuts. This can lead to adverse effects on the wheel bearings.

Do lug nuts get tighten as you drive?

Over time, lug nuts undergo the typical stresses and forces of a car in daily use. These stresses can sometimes result in tightening or loosening of the lug nuts. If lug nuts are too loose, there's a small risk that the wheel could come off while you're driving.

What to do if you're missing a lug nut?

If you are missing a lug nut, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. It is potentially dangerous to drive around with a missing lug nut because of the extra pressure exerted on the wheel. This pressure can damage the wheel bearings, studs, and cause other lug nuts to fall off.

Can I still drive if lug nut rims are broken?

Yes, driving with a missing lug nut is quite safe for a short period. However, you should take your car to a reliable auto repair shop as soon as you notice a lug nut is missing. The lug nut loss causes excess pressure on the hub and the bearing (mechanical), making them wear down prematurely.

What causes lug nuts to wear out?

Most people never assume that these hard steel components can go bad or wear out and in most cases, they would be correct. The most common cause of a bad or failing wheel stud is due to improper installation by tire service technicians, over torquing of lug nuts, or lug nuts that are not tight enough.

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