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Tire size is a very important measurement that may influence your car’s performance and even change exterior design. Manufacturers may have different identification marks but the tire size is all the same across all brands. It is a great advantage if you can read the tire size correctly. 

Auto manufacturers provide information with default tire size fitting a specific car model but the range of possible options is far more diverse. Each car owner may soup up the vehicle by installing tires of bigger diameter with a lesser aspect ratio. Browse our catalogue to find out what tire size is the best for your car. You may specify the make, year and model to see matching wheels or filter vehicles by tire size.

Usually, tire size goes in the following format P 255/35 R21. In this example “P” stands for car type (passenger), “255” - tire width in mm, “35” - aspect ratio, “R” means radial construction and “21” is the rim diameter.

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