1999 Acura CL Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern for a 1999 Acura CL is 4x114.3. The given lug pattern is the same for different years of production and has never changed since the model came off the production line.

How to change bolt pattern? – Install Wheel Adapters

You most likely found the wheels with a different bolt pattern, so you can change the 1999 Acura CL bolt pattern by installing wheel adapters. See the relevant products from Amazon:

4x114.3 to 5x114.3 (4x4.5 in to 5x4.5 in)

It means you have 5x114.3/5x4.5" wheels and want to use them on the 1999 Acura/CL with 4x114.3/4x4.5" bolt pattern config.

  • EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapters 4x4.5" to 5x4.5"

    • Additional Product Specs:
    • Thickness: 1.75-inch (45mm)
    • Lug Torque: 85 ft-lbs
    • Black Allen Bolt Torque: 55 ft-lbs
    • Installation Notes:
    • Unscrew and separate the two adapter pieces first.
    • Install the inner adapter piece using short open end lug nuts with no more than 13/16" hex.
    • If hub studs protrude outside the inner adapter piece and prevent the outer adapter piece from sitting flush, it is required to shorten the factory studs.
    • Bolt outer adapter piece to the inner piece using provided black allen bolts.
    • Install your wheels to the studs of the outer adapter piece using proper lug nuts that both match the thread size of the adapter studs and the seating style of your wheels.

How to change wheel offset? – Install Wheel Spacers on your Acura CL

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