Look Up The Acura CL Lug Nut Size, Torque & Thread Size

Acura CL Lug Nut Size Chart

You attended the store and set up pegging lug nuts & bolts for the Acura CL and pretending you figure out what those all numbers suggest? Aiming to decide on the proper measurement of lug nuts & bolts, you should apprehend a number of the automobile's properties, but at the same time, a few of the most decisive is definitely the bolt pattern along with the wheel size.

The bolt pattern influences the lug nut size in a pair of schemes. The first one would be the lapse within the bolt notches and the 2nd vista would be the thread pitch. Your Acura CL would probably not go fluently conceding that any of those two points is discounted.

Last but not least, the wheel size is possibly the extreme bit of this riddle. Chauffers need to determine the wheel diameter and thickness with an aim to pick the adequate lug nuts & bolts for the Acura CL. And disturbance our company`s lug nut size articles probably bolster the readers!

Acura CL Lug Nut Size

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Year Bolt pattern The number of lugs needed Thread size Thread pitch Center bore (hub bore) Wheel fasteners
1997-2003 PCD 4x114.3 4 per wheel
Caps & Covers
M12 x 1.5
Get Lug Nuts
1.5 64.1 mm
Hub Centric Rings
Center caps
Lug nuts

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