Nissan Pathfinder Bolt Pattern

While trying to complete a tire rotation on your own or maybe, you simply decided to upgrade the stock wheels with the aftermarket counterparts, you will find yourself chasing the correct Pathfinder bolt pattern. So, here we are, to help you with this issue! Choose the year of production of our Pathfinder below for precise lug pattern information. 

What is the Pathfinder Bolt Pattern?

Not so many car enthusiasts know that the bolt pattern (also referred to as a lug pattern) is the measurement that determines the diameter of an abstract circle that was formed with the lug centers on the car wheel. When swapping the wheels you have to know the correct Pathfinder lug pattern, as not all rims may be a bolt-on match.

The lug holes do great work for the Pathfinder wheels by keeping them attached to the car. These bolt holes are set in a circular pattern, that is why people call it a bolt pattern. The vehicle can only get the wheels with the same lug pattern. Moreover, various types of lug hole seats are constructed to work only with the fitted lug type. 

The PCD shouldn't be confused with the Pathfinder center bore that measures the hole size in a wheel center where a spigot has to be fitted through. For instance, if the measurement of bolt pattern shows 5x114.3 it means, that your rim has 5 wheel bolts and its Pitch Circle Diameter is 114.3.

You have to remember that the wheel bolt pattern can`t be changed as it is specific for a certain car. Still, one may find universal wheels that could fit on different lug patterns and not only for Pathfinder.

Moreover, for changing the bolt pattern and fitting the wheels properly, you can use wheel adapters, so that a wheel from one car would match the hub of another vehicle. The same thing when we are talking about adapting the aftermarket wheels for the Pathfinder, that intended to be for another auto.

In case you don't want to spend hours looking for your certain model] measurements of bolt pattern, you can always use this website. Our experts already gathered all the data and converted it into readable charts.

Pathfinder Bolt Pattern Torque Specifications

Also, when doing the tire rotation, a car owner needs to check the Pathfinder owner`s manual or the official website for the torque specs. But we have another option for you – informative and neat charts, that were prepared by our specialists. all the data concerning Pathfinder bolt pattern is derived from the official sources that were publicly listed by the Nissan.

Note. It is critical to apply the right amount of torque for your Pathfinder, because any kind of vibrations may lead to the loss of the lug nuts (surely, if they were not secured in a proper way). Finally, every time you try to install new wheels for the Pathfinder, it is necessary to re-torque bolts after 50-100 miles.

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