Look Up The Acura RSX Lug Nut Size, Torque & Thread Size

Acura RSX Lug Nut Size Chart

You visited the shop and got going sorting out lug nuts & bolts for your Acura RSX as well as pretending you find out what all those numbers touch on? For you to pick the rigorous measurement of lug nuts & bolts, drivers ought to figure out a good deal of the car's specs, still, some of the most important is actually the bolt pattern as well as the wheel overall size.

The bolt pattern impairs the lug nut size in 2 forms. The original standpoint will be the range between the bolt notches and the another element would be the thread pitch. Your personal Acura RSX would most likely not wheel smoothly assuming that just about any of those 2 features becomes forgotten.

To finish, the wheel size is usually the conclusive part of this challenge. Automobilists are compelled to realize the wheel radius as well as breadth in order to opt the favorable lug nuts & bolts for the Acura RSX. And that is where our lug nut size recommendations might help the motorists!

Acura RSX Lug Nut Size

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Year Bolt pattern The number of lugs needed Thread size Thread pitch Center bore (hub bore) Wheel fasteners
2002-2006 PCD 5x114.3 5 per wheel
Caps & Covers
M12 x 1.5
Get Lug Nuts
1.5 64.1 mm
Hub Centric Rings
Center caps
Lug nuts

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