Tires By Brand Continental

Do you need high-quality, safe, and focused-on-performance tires for your vehicle? If the answer is “yes”, then you need a reliable tire producer. And Continental Tires can offer you that. It’s a world-famous company that makes tires for such types of vehicles as passengers, two-wheel vehicles, and commercial cars. It’s one of the top companies in the segment of tire making and technology.

Grand Touring All-Season

Provide sensible traction and driving comfort throughout the year. The treads are designed to minimize road noises and have a decent tread life. They are available in M+S, allowing the driver to cruise at higher speeds. The tires provide sufficient traction over snowy roads.

Max Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Highway All-Season

Tires provide a good balance between performance and longer tread life. They provide appropriate traction on dry and snowy roads. Their tread blocks are capable of scattering surface dirt and enhancing grip over light snow. They offer a comfortable highway ride.

Ultra High Performance All-Season

They provide traction across all seasons, boast of a longer tread life with superb handling characteristics. Tires possess unique tread patterns to enhance traction over snow and use flexible material to maintain resilience over cold winter conditions. Available in M+S ratings.

Studless Ice & Snow

Specially manufactured for extreme winter conditions. They offer maximum traction and satisfactory handling over snow. The tread design is meant to increase the biting edges and use plies that enhance traction. They are modest when driven over dry roads and are available in multiple sizes.

Standard Touring All-Season

Provide a blend of traction, comfort and acceptable tread life to tackle dry and wet driving conditions. They are M+S branded and try to balance performance and appearance. They are preferable for low-speed driving and have the treads optimized for noise cancellation guaranteeing highway comfort.

Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice & Snow

Resilient tires fit for combating extreme winter conditions. With sensible treadwear ratings, these tires contain optimized tread patterns that offer incredible snow traction. The treads enhance handling and permit high-speed driving. They are available in different sizes and have been designed to...

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Restricted for use over summer conditions. They perform dismally during the winter. Their design optimizes handling. Perfect for enhancing a vehicle’s performance on dry and wet roads. These tires have a fair tread life with wider wheel diameters. Their low profiles improve ride comfort.

Grand Touring Summer

Specifically designed to provide comfort and traction on dry and wet roads. The tires are ineffective for winter use. They not only enhance the aesthetic look of the car but enhance handling by using appropriate tread designs. Tread patterns cancel out road vibrations and noises to improve comfort.

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Highway tires which enhance the physical appearance of a vehicle while offering superb all-season traction, driving comfort and handling. The tread patterns facilitate traction on wet and dry roads with acceptable defense against hydroplaning. Their performance may be lowered when driving over...

Highway Rib Summer

Rib-type treaded tires that provide superb dry and wet traction. Commonly used on heavy-duty sports utility vehicles or pickup trucks. The tires have a perfect balance of highway comfort, uniform tread wear and optimum traction. The tires are not suitable for winter use.

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Tough for rugged terrains while offering decent performance on the highway. The tread blocks are designed to provide maximum grip on dirty/muddy surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls protect the tires from debris damage. Tread design minimizes comfort when driving on the highways but provides sufficient...

Performance Winter / Snow

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter / Snow

Tires offer good traction and enhance handling over snow or ice. They have higher load ratings. Available in T, H and V speed ratings. Suitable for use on SUVs, Crossovers and light trucks. They feature wider wheel diameters and are easy to handle at high speeds.

In the Continental Tires locations you’ll find a great range of products that will satisfy all your requirements. Thanks to the constant investments and investigations, the company contributes to safe, profitable, and environmentally sound mobility.

Continental Tires is a #1 company. Why? Because the first who created a tire tread with patterns was Continental Tires. The first who invented tires without tubes was also Continental Tires. And if you wonder whose creation is a driverless vehicle, it’s also Continental Tires. Oh, it was also them who made the first in the world ecological and the most rapid for legal road tires in the world. We can name more and more, but the one thing is definitely clear – Continental Tires is #1.

The organization has a more-than-one-hundred-years story that’s full of ups and downs. On the market, it appeared in 1871. Firstly, its growth was very slow, but soon it began to flourish – between the 1880s and 1890s the percentage of share values increased to 27. By the end of the 20th century, Continental Tires became one of the worldwide leading tire-makers and one of the main players in the tire market.

Protection, confidence, and dependability – these are three main aspects that every tire must have. And the tires with the Continental Tire trademark have it. How can we be sure that the company really cares about it? Before appearing on the sale, all the tires go through special multilevel testing. The Continental Tires team thoroughly checks all the tires on the testing platforms such as Contidrom, for example. Contidrom, one of the famous testing places, has the first-in-the-globe automatic checking system (named AIBA) that allows testing the tires on the wet and dry roads during the whole year.

After passing a check on the testing platforms, the tires go through the strict testing of vehicle makers to make sure they meet all the requirements. Only after that the tires receive the special status – Original Equipment.

For Continental Tires, along with tire testing the approval of the product by the partners is also very important. The fact that one of three cars made in Europe is equipped with Continental Tires only proves that.

In the Continental Tires stores every driver can find the tires that will fit his or her vehicle. Both in the stores and online, you can choose tires according to size, season, and brands. The company offers the tires of such trademarks as Semperit, Barum, Uniroyal and of course Continental.

Semperit is a traditional tire company that’s been on the market for more than a hundred years. It’s dedicated to producing high-quality tires, and this is present even in the company’s name (it comes from the Latin “simper it”, meaning “It always works”). The fact Semperit is tires that always work is approved by numerous tests. For example, the German experts of Auto Motor and Sport checked the winter Semperit SpeedGrip 3 tires, and among other nine tires, Semperit took third place with high results of performance on dry and snow surfaces and a top level of noise.

Barum tires offer a great advantage among other market rivals – you don’t have to pay vast amounts of money for high-quality tires. With Barum, you’ll get a good balance between quality, performance and prices. The Czech company produces tires for various types of vehicles like sedans or SUVs. 

If you want the tires to serve you a long time, you need to choose Uniroyal. All its tires come with a tread-wear warranty of 50,000 miles. The strong internal construction provides the long-lasting of Uniroyal tires – the tires have twin steel belts that are strengthened with a nylon cap. This construction makes the tires serve longer and keeps the constant experience when driving at high speeds.

One of the strong pros of Continental brand is fuel mileage – the company produces the tires that help reduce the spent amount of petrol. The tests have shown that the Continental tires help to save 8% of fuel.