Tires By Brand Falken

It's a well-known fact that the Japanese produce good cars. The same we can say about the tires. And if we say two words - "Japanese" and "tires" the first that will come to mind will be Falken. It's a famous tire maker that belongs to the Sumitomo Rubber Industries (the organization that takes fifth place among the world-leading tire producers). The organization creates tires for cars, light and midsized pickup trucks, SUVs and CUVs. Falken tires are the synonym of such characteristics as energy, productivity and style. The next famous car manufacturers, such as Mazda, Porsche, Ram, Lexus, Subaru, and others, equip their vehicles with Japanese tires. Besides making tires, Falken is an active participant in the professional projects of motorsports.

Ultra High Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Extreme Performance Summer

Possess excellent dry grip with poor defense against hydroplaning on wet roads. They are made from tough compounds to enhance responsiveness, traction and handling on dry roads. Manufacturing compounds extend their useful life. The tires are optimized for comfort at high speeds.

Grand Touring All-Season

Provide sensible traction and driving comfort throughout the year. The treads are designed to minimize road noises and have a decent tread life. They are available in M+S, allowing the driver to cruise at higher speeds. The tires provide sufficient traction over snowy roads.

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Tough for rugged terrains while offering decent performance on the highway. The tread blocks are designed to provide maximum grip on dirty/muddy surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls protect the tires from debris damage. Tread design minimizes comfort when driving on the highways but provides sufficient...

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Restricted for use over summer conditions. They perform dismally during the winter. Their design optimizes handling. Perfect for enhancing a vehicle’s performance on dry and wet roads. These tires have a fair tread life with wider wheel diameters. Their low profiles improve ride comfort.

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Highway tires which enhance the physical appearance of a vehicle while offering superb all-season traction, driving comfort and handling. The tread patterns facilitate traction on wet and dry roads with acceptable defense against hydroplaning. Their performance may be lowered when driving over...

Off-Road Maximum Traction

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Firstly, Falken was established only on the Japanese market in 1983. In two years, it began to conquer the North American and European tire market. Initially, Falken was intended to be the leading company making the high-productive radial tires under the trademark "Ohtsu Tire and Rubber". Nowadays, it's an independent organization specializing in making tires that bring the highest-in-the-world performance.

As we've said before, Falken is dedicated to producing tires for cars, big and midsized pickup trucks. When you enter the Falken website, you'll see that there's a distinction among each type. In the passenger vehicle tires section, you can choose between all-weather, winter and summer tires. In the second section, you'll find tires for light trucks + SUVs and SUV + CUV tires. The third section includes tires for midsized trucks. They are divided according to the drive and trailer position, base, tires for city driving, vocational tires and others. Among the popular tire brands in Falken, there are four of them - Azenis, Ziex, Wildpeak and Sincera.

The name "Azenis" comes from the collocation "Zenith of the Age", which means "the engineering gaining' top". Every tire under the Azenis name is a representation of the super productivity that can ever be. Let's take the Azenis RT615K+ tires, for instance. This type is an improved version of the Azenis RT615K. The element + means the nanotech, digitally-engendered tire construction that delivers great grip and handling. The RT615K+ tires are the ideal solution for sports cars and for those who desire to receive the high productivity from the tires. 

The aim with the limitless future and continuous growth lies in the name of the Ziex tires. The tires of this trademark are a perfect mix of comfort, sportiness and savings. Let's see it on the example of the Ziex CT60 All-Season tire. It's a unique creation for compact crossovers that provide durability and protection in all atmospheric conditions. The tires have an improved all-weather tread technology, which contributes to the shortstop distances in snow and wet weather. The Ziex CT60 All-Season tires are equipped with an exclusive construction that guarantees great handling and protection in different situations.

In case you look for SUV or 4WD tires and want to have durable tires, which simply beat any weather and road conditions, you need to choose Wildpeak, especially the A/T3W tires. This Wildpeak type of tires contains the elements off-road and uneven ground ride. The tires come with the exclusive Falken technology of 3D Canyon Sipes and the brand new technology of lower sidewall. The full-depth sipes and grooves' performance and look don't change during all the tires' lifespan.

If you want to drive long-lasting, comfortable tires during the whole year, then Falken offers you to choose the Sincera tires, the synonym of a safe and cozy everyday ride. For its Sincera tires, the Japanese maker uses different technologies to provide top grips in any road conditions, like for the SN250 A/S tires. They are fitted with the Falken special technology named Dynamic Range to reach the highest grip when driving wet and dry surfaces. To decrease the unnecessary sounds, the tires contain the tread blocks, which are strategically located to stabilize the harmonics.