Tires By Brand General

General Tires Company was established by William F’O Neil and his friend Winfred E. Fouse in Akron, Ohio, America, in 1915. The company came into being when the tire industry was already bustling because of the influx of almost 2 million cars. The middle class and even lower class people were now able to afford a car. General Tires played an essential part in the evolution of the tire industry.

General Tires use the latest technologies like StabiliTread Technology and Smart Grip Technology to design and develop different models of tires. General Tires manufactures a vast range of tires, including all-terrain, low-noise, summer tires, and other special tires.

General Tires manufactures tires that are of top quality and perform exceptionally well in all conditions. General Tires company provides stability to the vehicles to improve the driving experience. Treads invented by the company enhance the grips to give you more control so that you can enjoy a very safe ride.

Ultra High Performance All-Season

They provide traction across all seasons, boast of a longer tread life with superb handling characteristics. Tires possess unique tread patterns to enhance traction over snow and use flexible material to maintain resilience over cold winter conditions. Available in M+S ratings.

Ultra High Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

  • G-max Rs

    • Recommended: 5.6
    • $133 - $133
    • 55 sizes

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Tough for rugged terrains while offering decent performance on the highway. The tread blocks are designed to provide maximum grip on dirty/muddy surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls protect the tires from debris damage. Tread design minimizes comfort when driving on the highways but provides sufficient...

Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter / Snow

Studdable winter tires are allowed in specific states. The treads of these tires can accommodate metallic studs to boost traction on snowy roads. The tires provide superb protection against hydroplaning and have tread patterns that maximize biting edges to enhance grip on slushy surfaces.

Highway All-Season

Tires provide a good balance between performance and longer tread life. They provide appropriate traction on dry and snowy roads. Their tread blocks are capable of scattering surface dirt and enhancing grip over light snow. They offer a comfortable highway ride.

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Restricted for use over summer conditions. They perform dismally during the winter. Their design optimizes handling. Perfect for enhancing a vehicle’s performance on dry and wet roads. These tires have a fair tread life with wider wheel diameters. Their low profiles improve ride comfort.

Off-Road Maximum Traction

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Grand Touring All-Season

Provide sensible traction and driving comfort throughout the year. The treads are designed to minimize road noises and have a decent tread life. They are available in M+S, allowing the driver to cruise at higher speeds. The tires provide sufficient traction over snowy roads.

Studdable Winter / Snow

These tires incorporate metallic studs on top of the resilient tread patterns to enhance traction on snowy surfaces. The addition of studs is acceptable in selected states. The tires use special compounds that improve their flexibility under cold conditions. Tread design facilitates maximum snow...

Standard Touring All-Season

Provide a blend of traction, comfort and acceptable tread life to tackle dry and wet driving conditions. They are M+S branded and try to balance performance and appearance. They are preferable for low-speed driving and have the treads optimized for noise cancellation guaranteeing highway comfort.

High Performance All-Season

Optimized for superb handling, traction and versatility throughout the year. The tires are made from quality materials that can withstand cold conditions. They have a decent tread life and guarantee an all-season performance. Treads are optimized for comfort and are available in M+S standards.

Popular General Tire Models

General Tires Company has always been a leading figure in research and innovation. General Tires company has manufactured a lot of revolutionizing tire models. General Tires is famous for all-season tires that give a brilliant performance in all terrains and conditions.

Some of the popular General Tires models that are accepted worldwide by drivers are as follows:

General AltiMAX RT 43 Radial Tire 

This is an exceptional tire with innovative features designed to maximize your comfort and satisfaction. If you are looking to explore different terrains on your Car, SUV, and Truck, this tire will be your best companion. This model is one of the most affordable tires with maximum performance in this price range. It improves your riding experience with better handling and firm traction with silica tread compound.

General Grabber AT 2 Radial Tire

Converting from an all-season tire to a sturdy all-rounder that can ease your ride off and on-roads, then General Grabbe AT2 will be an excellent choice. The tire has a plethora of innovative features to give you safe and comfy rides in tough terrains. It provides great balance and is very reliable in comparison to other brands. Its superior performance is due to carefully engineered acoustics like a 5-row deep tread design.

General Grabber UHP Radial Tire

One of the latest and best-selling models, Grabber UHP symbolizes reliability and quality. The tire has a layer of silica on its external region that increases the stability and traction in all sorts of harsh (wet & dry) conditions. It has V-shaped grooves to increase road contact and repel water.

Our Opinion

General Tires brand is famous globally for its ultra-quality tires that perform splendidly all around the year in tough conditions. The tires are very durable and provide very good mileage. General Tires are incorporated with the latest technologies and have great features. The graceful design is a plus as it looks good on cars. 

General Tires company offers a wide range of products, and you can choose according to your requirements. General Tires models are a bit pricy, but they have lots of positive reviews, so it can be concluded that General Tires makes are worth the price.