Tires By Brand Hoosier

Hoosier is the largest dedicated racing tires manufacturer in the world. It manufactures and tests all of its circle track, drag racing, and DOT-approved radial tires. Having more than 50 years of experience, Hoosier is known to be an expert in producing high-performance tires with the most advanced tread patterns as well as compounds to offer you consistency and traction with whatever you are driving. Hoosier has been providing its racing tires for NASCAR, SCCA, NASA, USAC events, and many more.

Hoosier tires are aimed at the starters and the professionals who are going to compete in a range of racing disciplines, including drag racing, road racing, stock car racing, and rallying. Hoosier produces over 1000 different kinds of racing tires and also has a 300-mph wheel testing technology center in its state-of-the-art production facilities.

Recently, there has been an addition of a high-tech mixing plant that can mix all the racing compounds by itself and even produce specialty rubbers for others. It is worth noting that all of the Hoosier tire models are designed especially for competition purposes; therefore, their initial performance will not be affected by the proper break-in, and in fact, the competitive life of the tires increases because of this.

Racetrack & Autocross Only

Designed for track/racing competition only. They have excellent traction on dry roads with designs that cater for high-speed driving, cornering and braking. Their treads are designed to enhance acceleration and use unique compounds that extend their service life. They perform poorly on wet roads.

  • R7

    • $256 - $256
    • 49 sizes
  • A7

    • $287 - $287
    • 33 sizes

Drag Racing Radials

Limited-use tires that are designed for drag racing only. They optimize acceleration characteristics and traction at high speeds. These tires are unsuitable for use over wet roads since they have a poor defense against hydroplaning. The cornering abilities of these tires reduce under wet conditions.

Wet Racetrack & Autocross Only

Restricted for track use only. Driving on these tires in the streets is prohibited. They are optimized for wet track racing. The design of these tires enhances cornering, handling, braking and wet traction. The treads are made from specialized compounds that increase their wet driving capabilities.

Hoosier DOT Drag Radials

The Drag Radials tire series is developed particularly for drag racers. The Hoosier Drag Radials are made with cornering stability as well as sturdy sidewall for a ride. These tires have less rolling resistance than the ply racing tires, which makes them great for the competition class races. 

Hoosier Pro Street Tires

Hoosier has developed a special Pro Street Radial for the hot rod and the pro street enthusiasts, which makes it the only true steel-belted radial tire available in the market. The tire is specially refined to offer a cleaner look without sacrificing drivability as well as comfort. The Pro Street tires also have black sidewall markings guaranteeing tire blend while adding custom touches to your vehicle.

Hoosier Radial Wet H20 Tires

These tires are specially developed for those who want to become part of road and autocross racing events in moderate and heavy rain. The Radial Wet H20 tires have a directional tread design with symmetric internal construction, which allows them to be mounted on any side of the car. 

Hoosier Karting/Quarter Midget Tires

Hoosier has been able to develop a great line of dry and wet weather tires for Super Kart and Enduro applications. These high-quality tires fulfill the high-performance needs of the drivers with any level of experience. Whether hooked to asphalt or sliding on dirt, Hoosier has the right tire for you.

Our Opinion

Whether you are going for the repeatable tires for the spec tire applications, or you are tilted towards the high grip compounds and the aggressive sidewalls, you can get everything with the Hoosier racing tires. The tire brand has a strong presence in competition use worldwide, so it doesn’t matter whether you race on dirt or a road; Hoosier has the best tires designed for the champions.