Tires By Brand Pirelli

Among the leading tire producers in the market, an Italian company Pirelli takes seventh place. The famous tire maker manufacturers tires for such types of vehicles as cars, motors and bikes. Its activity is spread to over 100 states, including Europe, North and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Post-Soviet countries. It operates 19 plants in 12 countries and more than 14,000 retailers and dealers. Such cars manufacturers as Porsche, Bentley and Aston Martin equip their vehicles with the Pirelli tires.

Grand Touring All-Season

Provide sensible traction and driving comfort throughout the year. The treads are designed to minimize road noises and have a decent tread life. They are available in M+S, allowing the driver to cruise at higher speeds. The tires provide sufficient traction over snowy roads.

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Tough for rugged terrains while offering decent performance on the highway. The tread blocks are designed to provide maximum grip on dirty/muddy surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls protect the tires from debris damage. Tread design minimizes comfort when driving on the highways but provides sufficient...

Highway All-Season

Tires provide a good balance between performance and longer tread life. They provide appropriate traction on dry and snowy roads. Their tread blocks are capable of scattering surface dirt and enhancing grip over light snow. They offer a comfortable highway ride.

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Restricted for use over summer conditions. They perform dismally during the winter. Their design optimizes handling. Perfect for enhancing a vehicle’s performance on dry and wet roads. These tires have a fair tread life with wider wheel diameters. Their low profiles improve ride comfort.

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Highway tires which enhance the physical appearance of a vehicle while offering superb all-season traction, driving comfort and handling. The tread patterns facilitate traction on wet and dry roads with acceptable defense against hydroplaning. Their performance may be lowered when driving over...

Street/Sport Truck All-Season

Provide excellent traction on dry and wet roads. They have decent winter traction, perfect for enhancing responsiveness and handling capabilities. Low-profile aftermarket alternatives tuned for a comfortable highway ride and a longer-lasting tread life. Winter performance is reliant on tread widths.

Max Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Performance Winter / Snow

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter / Snow

Tires offer good traction and enhance handling over snow or ice. They have higher load ratings. Available in T, H and V speed ratings. Suitable for use on SUVs, Crossovers and light trucks. They feature wider wheel diameters and are easy to handle at high speeds.

Ultra High Performance All-Season

They provide traction across all seasons, boast of a longer tread life with superb handling characteristics. Tires possess unique tread patterns to enhance traction over snow and use flexible material to maintain resilience over cold winter conditions. Available in M+S ratings.

Streetable Track & Competition

Competition or racing tires that are allowable for use on the highway. The tires have better tread life, traction and handling capabilities over wet roads compared to track-restricted tires. Their tread patterns enhance handling, cornering and steering at high speed. Not suitable for winter driving.

Ultra High Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

High Performance Summer

Optimized for quick steering responsiveness, good handling and descend dry traction. The tires are not suitable for winter use. They are generally low-profile tires with fair treadwear ratings. They perform well when driving on wet roads and have a good braking response.

Standard Touring All-Season

Provide a blend of traction, comfort and acceptable tread life to tackle dry and wet driving conditions. They are M+S branded and try to balance performance and appearance. They are preferable for low-speed driving and have the treads optimized for noise cancellation guaranteeing highway comfort.

Studless Ice & Snow

Specially manufactured for extreme winter conditions. They offer maximum traction and satisfactory handling over snow. The tread design is meant to increase the biting edges and use plies that enhance traction. They are modest when driven over dry roads and are available in multiple sizes.

Understanding that rubber would be the leading product in the nearest future, a young Giovanni Battista Pirelli established the "G.B. Pirelli & C". In 1872, he opened the first factory in Milan that made sheets, belts, slabs from rubber, and vulcanized items. As the cars became more and more popular (especially among the rich people), Pirelli got new and new orders for pneumatic tubes and transmission belts. And this helped the company to grow and become one of the top tire makers in the world. 

Pirelli has split the tires into five groups (or families) – P Zero, Cinturato, Scorpion, Sottozero, and Ice. For van drivers, there's a special tire group titled Carrier. Each of the groups comes with its own technical characteristics that are made for satisfying various driving needs. Below, there's a brief description of every group of Pirelli tires. 

The first group, P Zero, is a combination of the company's knowledge base and the other largest makers' cooperation. Here the Pirelli tires are divided into several types:

  • The P ZERO and its improved type, the P ZERO (PZ4), include the tires with the particular technology of ultra-high performance made for passenger cars and SUVs. The tires come with an asymmetric pattern that enhances braking, handling, and vehicle management. Besides, the tires are fitted with exclusive grooves in the "s-form" in the tread, which helps reduce noises in the cabin and improves the driver's comfort.
  • If you want your tires to have top technologies of motorsport, then choose the P ZERO Corsa (PZC4) and P ZERO Corsa System tires. They contain the racing construction and tread that deliver excellent handling, braking and traction.
  • In case you drive a midsized or large sports vehicle then the P ZERO Nero GT is the best choice. This type of tire is very suitable for wet and dry roads.
  • P ZERO ROSSO is an ideal combination between comfort and productivity. This tire type united electronic traction and stability control system, and it's a perfect choice for sport-riding lovers.
  • P ZERO Winter tires are designed to provide high performance during the cold season of the year. 

The Cinturato group is divided into five types - Cinturato P7 and its improved type Cinturato P7 (P7C2), Cinturato P7 Blue, Cinturato P1 Verde, Cinturato All Season, Cinturato All Season Plus and Cinturato Winter tires. 

The Cinturato P7 and its enhanced version Cinturato P7 (P7C2) are the first among Pirelli tires with the technology of green performance. These types are made for midsized sedans and represent the ideal combination of braking, driving comfort, and tires' mileage.  

The Cinturato P7 Blue tire type demonstrates a unique mix of performance on wet surfaces and rolling resistance. These tires are suitable for big and midsized cars. 

For driving on the city streets, you need to choose the Cinturato P1 Verde tires. Among others, these tires differ by their elegance, comfort, protection, and ecologically friendly. 

The other perfect choice for driving in the city is the Cinturato All-Season tires. It's a brand new type, which contains exclusive technologies from Pirelli with Seal Inside. If you look for improved performance on the city roads, then you need to choose the enhanced versions - the Cinturato All Season Plus and the Cinturat All Season S.F. 2. 

For driving in winter, Pirelli offers environmentally friendly Cinturato Winter tires.

The Scorpion group consists of the following tire types – Scorpion Zero All Season, Scorpion Zero All Season S.F., Scorpion Verde, Scorpion Verde All-Season, Scorpion ATR, Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, Scorpion Winter and Scorpion Ice & Snow. 

In case you drive a sports SUV and want to have great performance on the wet and dry surfaces during the whole year, you need to get the Scorpion Zero All-Season tires. If you are a driver of an SUV or CUV, then the Scorpion Zero All Season S.F. tires are the best choice. 

For driving in summer, Pirelli recommends choosing the Scorpion Verde. They are not heavy and come with a low level of rolling resistance. That's why these tires contribute to the low consumption and decreased emissions of CO2. 

The Scorpion ATR tires meet all the requirements of off-road surfaces. These tires are universal, and their ability to deliver safe and managed performance on various road conditions only proves that.  

The Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico is an ideal variant for those looking for protected driving on off-road surfaces and high productivity on the road. To deliver this, Pirelli equipped this tire type with a striking tread pattern, the grip of high level and the exact response of the steering.

The Scorpion Winter and Scorpion Ice & Snow tires are for those who want to manage the vehicle in the coldest season of time fully. 

The Pirelli Sottozero tires are divided into two types - Winter Sottozero Serie II and Winter Sottozero 3. The first type is perfectly suitable for spots and high-class vehicles. They come with an asymmetric tread pattern and help reduce water and provide a high-level grip on snow surfaces. For more luxurious cars, Pirelli launched the Winter Sottozero 3 tires. 

In case you drive in extra cold conditions, Pirelli created the Ice tire group. Along with the Ice Zero F.R., this tire type contains equal high stability and vehicle management level.