Tires By Brand Sumitomo

Sumitomo is a premier Japanese tire brand that is considered to be the most successful tire manufacturer globally. The brand has been able to earn its reputation due to its innovative designs, superior quality, and precision engineering. For more than 100 years, Sumitomo has led the tire industry and became a renowned exporter of tires to various countries. Several niche brands like Dunlop, Falken, and Sumic operate under Sumitomo's business umbrella. 

Sumitomo offers its customers a good selection of high-quality tires for cars, SUVs, light trucks, and passenger-type vehicles. Its production includes excellent performing summer tires, highway tires, all-season tires, off-road, and all-terrain tires. Every tire constructed by Sumitomo features an internal construction of high-quality twin steel belts that are reinforced by the jointless nylon band. Despite robust construction, Sumitomo tires won't hurt your wallet during replacements. Ultimately, it is an inexpensive tire with a top-notch performance.

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Tough for rugged terrains while offering decent performance on the highway. The tread blocks are designed to provide maximum grip on dirty/muddy surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls protect the tires from debris damage. Tread design minimizes comfort when driving on the highways but provides sufficient...

Highway All-Season

Tires provide a good balance between performance and longer tread life. They provide appropriate traction on dry and snowy roads. Their tread blocks are capable of scattering surface dirt and enhancing grip over light snow. They offer a comfortable highway ride.

Ultra High Performance Summer

Low-profile tires tailored for perfect traction on dry and wet roads. With excellent treadwear ratings, the tires offer a quality ride with excellent handling capabilities. The manufacture of the tires uses high-quality technology and materials to guarantee safe driving over summer conditions only.

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Highway tires which enhance the physical appearance of a vehicle while offering superb all-season traction, driving comfort and handling. The tread patterns facilitate traction on wet and dry roads with acceptable defense against hydroplaning. Their performance may be lowered when driving over...

Ultra High Performance All-Season

They provide traction across all seasons, boast of a longer tread life with superb handling characteristics. Tires possess unique tread patterns to enhance traction over snow and use flexible material to maintain resilience over cold winter conditions. Available in M+S ratings.

Grand Touring All-Season

Provide sensible traction and driving comfort throughout the year. The treads are designed to minimize road noises and have a decent tread life. They are available in M+S, allowing the driver to cruise at higher speeds. The tires provide sufficient traction over snowy roads.

Standard Touring All-Season

Provide a blend of traction, comfort and acceptable tread life to tackle dry and wet driving conditions. They are M+S branded and try to balance performance and appearance. They are preferable for low-speed driving and have the treads optimized for noise cancellation guaranteeing highway comfort.

High Performance All-Season

Optimized for superb handling, traction and versatility throughout the year. The tires are made from quality materials that can withstand cold conditions. They have a decent tread life and guarantee an all-season performance. Treads are optimized for comfort and are available in M+S standards.

Best Sumitomo Tires

  • Sumitomo HTR Z III

This is a high-performance third-generation summer tire by Sumitomo and offers excellent handling as well as a crisp steering response. Normally, this becomes very important in sports cars, but the price range at which this tire is being sold adds great value for money in regards to the performance enhancement offered by the brand.

  • Sumitomo Touring LS

This is a T-speed rated tire series for sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans. The tire offers an excellent traction performance on dry and wet surfaces and has a long tread life. There is a robust internal structure featured by this tire like any other Sumitomo tire. Sumitomo Touring LS has a number of biting edges to improve performance on various road conditions.

  • Sumitomo Encounter HT

This is a special tire for SUVs and pickups and features an outstanding design to ensure excellent performance in dry and wet weather conditions. It is worth noting that this tire is able to handle light snow driving, while the groove pattern and tread design helps you to drive freely without any worries of hydroplaning. 

  • Sumitomo Ice Edge Studdable-Winter

Ice Edge Studdable-Winter is a purpose-built tire by Sumitomo to tackle cold and snowy weather conditions. Although comfort is something that is not synonymous with winter tires, the Ice Edge tire models offer a smooth ride while adding precision to the driving experience.


Sumitomo is among the tire manufacturers that you can trust to deliver high-quality at budget-friendly prices. In the respective categories, you will find all of their products to be the most durable ones, especially when these are compared with other low-cost tire options. All of the Sumitomo tire models are considered very safe for driving and offer their customers a comfortable and quiet ride. Although they are not able to compete directly with the top brands, the Sumitomo tire series is a fabulous selection for the ones who are on a budget and don't expect miracles.