P 35/12.5 R24 tires

Best P 35/12.5 R24 Tires


Tire Specs

Overall Diameter P 35/12.5 R24 is 24.34 in inches
Section Width 35 mm
Rim Diameter 24"
Sidewall Height 0.17"
Circumference 76.46 "
Revs per Mile 828.67/mi

P 35/12.5 R24 tire size Fits What Cars?

Explore the collection of vehicles riding on P 35/12.5 R24 tire size which turns them into competitors to some extent.
The list of cars below is compiled assuming P 35/12.5 R24 is their factory tire size.

Upsizing Wheels or Tires?

We also suggest going over the similar tire sizes that have slightly different parameters but still might be even a better fit for your vehicle with many of the combinations already applied by car enthusiasts.

Below is the list of all possible alternatives to P 35/12.5 R24 within delta of no more than three percent which means you can shift to wider wheels with smaller aspect ratio and vice versa. Wheel experts do not recommend to decrease the diameter of the wheel. So if you are not sure what other tire sizes would match your ride simply stick to the factory wheels.

P 33/12.5 R24 -0.06%
P 35/12.5 R24 +0.02%
P 33/13.5 R24 +0.04%
P 35/13.5 R24 +0.13%
LT 33/14.5 R24 +0.15%
P 33/14.5 R24 +0.15%
P 37/13.5 R24 +0.22%
P 35/14.5 R24 +0.24%
P 38/13.5 R24 +0.26%
P 36/14.5 R24 +0.29%
P 38/14 R24 +0.32%